Health and Strategic Communication 
​Health + Journalism + Communication

Nurturing Communication Professionals in Journalism /
Advertising &Public Relations / Visual Communication

Welcome to the Department of Health and Strategic Communication.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed a dramatic growth of the healthcare industry. Increasingly, healthcare organizations are looking for heath communication professionals who can initiate an active interaction with stakeholders, engage in proactive conflict management, and promote public support and participation.

Developing mutually-beneficial relationships with a wide range of stakeholders is essential for a successful healthcare business. Communication practitioners must be equipped with a broad base of knowledge in health and medical science to maintain positive relationships with the key players in the healthcare sector including hospitals, patients, employees, NGOs, and government to name a few. There have been strong industry demands for communication specialists who have both medical knowledge and up-to-date communication skills.


The Department of Health and Strategic Communication offers students a full-range of opportunities to acquire basic knowledge in medical science and learn practical skills in journalism, advertising, public relations, and visual communication. Our students will develop successful careers in health communication with their integrated knowledge in communication and medical science.

I proudly believe that our department creates an ideal learning environment for students who wish to build their carriers at the intersection of the two promising disciplines – health and communication. All of us at the Health and Strategic Communication are here committed and ready to provide students with exceptional curriculum and systematic training to prepare them as competent health communication specialists. Our program is a good fit for anyone who are enthusiastic about their future and are self-initiative in achieving their career goals. We look forward to meeting you.

Thank you,

The Head of Health and Strategic Communication Department
Jeongheon JC Chang