Junghwan Kim Department Head

Phone +81-31-850-8990
Email jhkim@cha.ac.kr
Major Video culture contents, media social and cultural history, Interdisciplinary Arts

Jaewon Seo

Phone +81-31-850-9202
Email pspd@cha.ac.kr
Major Broadcasting / Broadcasting Video Planning / Analysis / Broadcasting / Production

Nohiil Park

Phone +81-31-850-8972
Email no1park@cha.ac.kr
Major Advertising PR, PR planning, crisis management and health communication

Eun-kyung Shin

Phone +81-31-850-8945
Email ekshin@cha.ac.kr
Major Speech Communication, Introduction to Broadcasting, Journalism, Broadcasting

Jeongheon JC Chang

Phone +81-31-850-8991
Email jchang@cha.ac.kr
Major Risk communication & management, health & science communication

Sungwon Um

Phone +81-31-850-8989
Email edumail@cha.ac.kr
Major Media and PR Writing, Korean Language Education, Writing Education, Basic Education

Jong-Wook Kim

전화번호 +81-31-850-9045
Email wookakim@cha.ac.kr
세부전공 Broadcast journalism, coverage and article writing, broadcasting news production, new media

Hyunjung Oh

Phone +81-31-850-8988
Email hyoh@cha.ac.kr
Major Health Communication, Advertising, New Media, Data Analytics

Dongseok Kim

Phone +81-31-850-8945
Email dskim@enzaim.co.kr
Major Health Campaign, Health PR

Kihoon Han

Phone +81-31-850-8945
Email khhan60@gmail.com
Major Advertising planning, Creative (Creation of advertising)

Ye-Na Lee

Phone +81-31-850-9311
Email erena01@cha.ac.kr
Major English Education

Ji-Young Min

Phone +81-31-850-8945
Email designlabmin@gmail.com
Major Visual design

Tae-Won Kim

Phone +81-31-850-8945
Email schoal07@naver.com
Major Media art

Dong-Seong Kim

Phone +81-31-850-8945
Email prhows@naver.com
Major PR